Bullying: A Resource for Parents

I work with a lot of teenagers, and many of them have experienced bullying in some form.  Whether it exists in the hallways at school, online (cyber-bullying) or elsewhere, this is a problem that is becoming more and more common.  Most parents struggle with knowing how to support and respond to their children when they are being bullied, and as a result, often feel confused and helpless. Follow the link below for an article that provides a bit of insight and that may help you or someone that you know who is dealing with bullies at school!


A Great Resource for Eating Disorder Information

The National Eating Disorders Association, commonly referred to as NEDA, is a great resource for information about eating disorders. If you or anyone that you know or love is dealing with an eating disorder, this is a great website that will provide you with resources for treatment as well as education about eating disorders. Here is a link to NEDA's website.

I would also like to highlight a portion of NEDA's website which is devoted to sharing stories of hope. Individuals who have dealt with eating disorders (and recovered) have written testimonials to encourage and give hope to those who are still on the journey to recovery. Follow this link and be encouraged!


Welcome to My Blog!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! This will be a place where you can read more about the counseling process, as well as topics in counseling, such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. If you ever have any suggestions, questions or comments, please feel free to share! Thanks again for checking out my blog!! :) :)

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